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DeeTrim Auto Leveler / VST & AU & AAX plug-in

DeeTrim is a simple plugin which controls the volume from -12dB to +3dB.
It can keep the output level constant from any input level.

It helps when you want to keep tracks (vocal etc) to a certain volume.By keeping to a certain volume, you can mix down easily.
New! Added Vocal button. It works great for voice tracks.

DEMO Download
* Please try demo to check works normally on your DAWs.

Windows VST2/3/AAX(ZIP 32/64bit)
DeeTrim only (about 10MB)

MacOSX VST2/3/AU/AAX(ZIP 64bit OS 10.12 or later
DeeTrim only (about 10MB)

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Windows VST2/3/AAX(ZIP 32/64bit)
All products (about 426MB)

MacOSX VST2/3/AU/AAX(ZIP 64bit OS 10.12 or later
All products (about 472MB)

Latest version is 2.5.4.
These ZIP and TGZ files include manuals(En/Jp).

Demo version of DeeTrim has a limitation for operating time (disabled after a certain number of the samples are processed).
Please purchase a serial key and register from here in order to use with no restrictions.
* The registration requires an internet connection.

How to register

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Checked hosts

Our Plug-ins are tested with following hosts.
Please try demo to check works normally on your hosts.

  • Ability 4.0
  • Ableton Live 9.x 10.x 11.x
  • ACID Pro 10
  • Audacity 3.x
  • Cubase 8.x 9.x 10.x
  • Digital Performer 10
  • FL Studio 12.x
  • GarageBand 10.x
  • Logic Pro X 10.x
  • OBS Studio 26
  • Streamlabs OBS V1.0 (Windows only)
  • ProTools 11.x & 12.x & 2018
  • Reason 9.5 & 10.x
  • Serato Studio 1.4
  • SONAR Xx & PLATINUM / CakeWalk
  • Studio One 3.x & 4.x & 5.x

Release notes

Jun/18/2022 Version 2.5.4 :  New!
- Apple Silicon support for AAX for Mac (Other formats are already supported.).

Jan/5/2021 Version 2.5.3 :
- Apple Silicon support for VST, VST3, and AU for Mac (AAX is not supported).
- Fixed automation problem when using VST3 in Cubase.

Jul/3/2020 Version 2.5.2 :
Improved graphics processing to up on Mac Retina models.

Jun/23/2020 Version 2.5.1 :
Improved graphics processing to up to 300% on Mac.

Nov/22/2017 Version 2.5.0 :
Added Vocal button. It works great for voice tracks.

Jul/28/2017 Version 2.1.1 :
Improved performance by reduce the CPU load to 1/4.

Jun/7/2017 Version 2.1.0 :
Released AAX Version.
Changed the support MacOSX version "10.9 or later" to "10.7 or later"

May/24/2017 Version 2.1.0 :
- Improved CPU usages.
- Fixed bug "automation problem on some DAWs".

Feb/15/2017 Version 2.0.0 :
Filter, noise, amplification processing were improved.

Sep/28/2016 Version 1.1.0 :
Redesign the processor,the sound quality has been improved.

Aug/8/2016 Version 1.0.3 :
Fixed some reported bugs.
Noise detection with vocal breaths has been improved.

Jul/8/2016 Version 1.0.2 :
The sound quality has been improved.

Jun/19/2016 Version 1.0.1 :
Fixed some reported bugs.

Jun/9/2016 Version 1.0.0 :
First release.