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DeeMMax Maximizer / VST & AU & AAX plug-in

DeeMMax is a loudness maximizer designed specifically for mastering.
It can increase the loudness to an ever louder level without losing any of the sound quality and feeling of the music.
It gives the mix you have created for the master bus a powerful loudness without losing its original artistic quality.
All you have to do is lift the lever and DeeMMax takes care of all the advanced and musical loudness processing.

- (3.7.0) True Peak is now ON/OFF switchable.
- (3.7.0) Redesign of peak processing has improved sound quality.
- (3.6.0) Optimized internal processing and reduced CPU load to 1/6.
- (3.5.0) All algorithms have been updated for ultimate sound quality.
- (3.0.0) TruePeak limiting is now available by integrating DeeTP.
DOTEC-AUDIO 3 types of Max

Demo Video

DEMO Download
* Please try demo to check works normally on your DAWs.

Windows VST2/3/AAX(ZIP 32/64bit)
DeeMMax only (about 15MB)

MacOSX VST2/3/AU/AAX(ZIP 64bit OS 10.12 or later
DeeMMax only (about 13MB)

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Windows VST2/3/AAX(ZIP 32/64bit)
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MacOSX VST2/3/AU/AAX(ZIP 64bit OS 10.12 or later
All products (about 435MB)

Latest version is 3.7.0.
These ZIP and TGZ files include manuals(En/Jp).

Demo version of DeeMMax has a limitation for operating time (disabled after a certain number of the samples are processed).
Please purchase a serial key and register from here in order to use with no restrictions.
* The registration requires an internet connection.

How to register

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-Just raise the lever for basic operation. Powerful sound pressure increase is possible.
-The special design for mastering keeps the mix balance and increases the sound pressure transparently.
-The best processing for EDM, rock, unplugged, a cappella, and all other genres.
-Perfect for 32-bit float field recordings.
-Original high-speed processing enables accurate TruePeak limiting.
-Softness parameter for priority on dynamic range.
-The AUTO SOFTNESS CONTROL button automatically adjusts the softness.
-A Monitor function allows you to check the effect while keeping the input and output volume levels.

Checked hosts

Our Plug-ins are tested with following hosts.
Please try demo to check works normally on your hosts.

  • Ability 4.0
  • Ableton Live 9.x 10.x 11.x
  • ACID Pro 10
  • Audacity 3.x
  • Cubase 8.x 9.x 10.x
  • Digital Performer 10
  • FL Studio 12.x
  • GarageBand 10.x
  • Logic Pro X 10.x
  • OBS Studio 26
  • Streamlabs OBS V1.0 (Windows only)
  • ProTools 11.x & 12.x & 2018
  • Reason 9.5 & 10.x
  • Serato Studio 1.4
  • SONAR Xx & PLATINUM / CakeWalk
  • Studio One 3.x & 4.x & 5.x

Release notes

Oct/26/2022 Version 3.7.0 :  New!
- True Peak is now ON/OFF switchable.
- Redesign of peak processing has improved sound quality.

Oct/01/2022 Version 3.6.0 :  New!
- CPU load reduced to 1/6.

Sep/06/2022 Version 3.5.2 :  New!
- Fixed authentication save bug.

Sep/2/2022 Version 3.5.1 :  New!
- Fixed a problem with mono tracks.

Aug/30/2022 Version 3.5.0 :  New!
- Added SOFTNESS adjustment to the ASC variable range.
- Sound quality has been improved.

Jun/21/2022 Version 3.0.1 :
- Fixed Input values at plugin startup to correct values.

Jun/18/2022 Version 3.0.0 :
- All algorithms have been updated for ultimate sound quality.
- TruePeak limiting is now available by integrating DeeTP.
- Apple Silicon support for AAX for Mac (Other formats are already supported.).

Jan/5/2021 Version 2.1.2 :
- Apple Silicon support for VST, VST3, and AU for Mac (AAX is not supported).
- Fixed automation problem when using VST3 in Cubase.

Nov/10/2020 Version 2.1.1 :
Added support for PDC in SOUND FORGE Pro.

Sep/18/2020 Version 2.1.0 :
Sound quality has been very improved with a new DSP.
Low CPU load.

Jul/3/2020 Version 2.0.4 :
Improved graphics processing to up on Mac Retina models.

Jun/23/2020 Version 2.0.3 :
Improved graphics processing to up to 300% on Mac.

Jun/9/2020 Version 2.0.2 :
Fixed the behavior of VST3 on Ableton Live 10.

Jun/3/2020 Version 2.0.1 :
Fixed a bug in which the load increases when either ASC or MON is turned on when a plugin is displayed.

Jun/1/2020 Version 2.0.0 :
Added the input and gain reduction meters.

Apl/5/2019 Version 1.5.2 :
Supported to Bitwig Studio V2.5.

Jan/18/2019 Version 1.5.1 :
Add changing display to % or dB function.

Dec/23/2018 Version 1.5.0 :
New peak control improves sound quality.

Dec/6/2018 Version 1.0.2 :
Fixed problem in bypassing on Cubase.

Nov/17/2018 Version 1.0.1 :
Fixes for some host application's PDC.

Oct/20/2018 Version 1.0.0 :
First release.