iPhone / iPad PRODUCTS
Free video & music player with AU effectors !
DeeTrim shown on screen is sold separately
Free video and music player for iOS, developed by music plug-in manufacturer DOTEC-AUDIO, is finally available!
In addition to loading effectors compatible with the Audio Units Extension (AUv3 plugin) format, it also has the ability to save MOV and WAV files, making it ideal for mastering sound sources and adjusting videos before uploading them to SNS!
A simple free video & music player that allows you to play music files while playing effectors that support Audio Units Extension (AUv3 plugin) format.

It supports not only the effects units built into the iOS by default, but also other Audio Units effectors available on the AppStore, so the possibilities for expansion are endless!
Up to 4 effectors are supported, and each can be switched around or bypassed to turn off their effects.

You can even save them as MOV or WAV files with effects applied, so you can load in sound sources from other apps or DJ mixes for professional mastering !
It's also ideal for adjusting the audio for videos uploaded to SNS !

Main Functions
- New! Supports background playback.
- New! Supports remote control operation of headphones.
- Importing video files from the photo library.
- Saving MOV file format files.
- Importing sound files from the iTunes library and documents
(DRM is not supported.)
- Importing up to 4 AudioUnits effectors.
(Bypass, replacement supported)
- Saving WAV file format files.
(The number of bits and sampling rate are based on the format of the input file.)
Win a loudness fit to CDs/SNS !
DOTEC-AUDIO presents DeePopMax, a big hit“Loudness Maximizer" for MacOS, now available for iOS, including AudioUnit V3 support.

DeePopMax adjusts the sound pressure balance of each range automatically with one dial. It creates a professional and catchy sounds.
Great for music uploads to SNS, it brings a powerful sound that will catch your ear !

Main Functions
- You can control the balance and sound pressure levels with one main dial.
- WARMTH function to compensate for warmth at high sound pressure
- MONITOR function allows you to check the effect without changing the volume
- Pop and fun graphics redesigned for iOS

Get the best EQ with 2 sliders !
DOTEC-AUDIO presents DeeEQ, as a popular "Equalizer" for MacOS, now available for iOS, including AudioUnit V3 support.

DeeEQ has great equalization with just 2 sliders.
It's a semi-automatic EQ with just 2 sliders for great equalization, and it's easy to use, with just a few simple "turn up (or down) the bass (treble)" commands.

Main Functions
- Cut and boost with vertical slider.
- Use the horizontal slider to adjust the effect to a bass & treble.
Automatic level control plugin !
DOTEC-AUDIO presents DeeTrim, as a popular "Auto leveler" for MacOS, now available for iOS, including AudioUnit V3 support.

DeeTrim is a simple plugin which controls the volume from -12dB to +3dB.
It can keep the output level constant from any input level.

It helps when you want to keep tracks (vocal etc) to a certain volume.By keeping to a certain volume, you can mix down easily.

And it has the Vocal button. It works great for voice tracks.